01.20.09 10 years ago 17 Comments

Terrell Owens was at the AXE Fix party on Saturday night for the Sundance Film Festival, and he appropriated one of the feathery red masks that was lying around, because… well, because he’s Terrell Owens, and he might not have gotten enough attention otherwise.

I spoke to T.O. at the party (my full report from Sundance is here).  I’m hesitant to admit that, because I had been slamming whiskey and Cokes for a couple hours before I was introduced by a PR rep who wrangled me past T.O.’s mountain of a body guard.  I wasn’t exactly what you might call “prepared to conduct an interview.”  But Owens assured me that he would be back with the Cowboys “for sure” next year.  (Because players have all the say in the NFL, and no one ever gets cut for cap concerns.  I ask great questions.)  And Wade Phillips?  “Oh he’s cool, he’s cool.”

Yeah… great story, Uff.  Anyway, it was after that that he put on the mask and got on the dance floor.  And air-humped his body guard, who just stood there stoically.  I tend to have that effect on people.

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