Who Threw It Best? Ryan Phillippe Or Baby T-Rex?

05.21.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Ryan Phillippe is doing the whole media tour thing for MacGruber, which is getting scary-good reviews. I thought all terrible SNL skits could only be turned into terrible movies. So Phillippe wound up throwing out the first pitch for the Phillies in a recent game, and he…wasn’t really that great. But was he worse than this baby Tyrannosaurus Rex, who “threw” out a first ball of his own at a Triple-A game not too long ago?

Granted, the baby T-Rex doesn’t have a mouth, but that’s no excuse. Get that damn thing over the plate. And why am I seeing some teams having two ceremonial first pitches? I’ve said this before: the second ceremonial first pitch, by definition, is no longer a first pitch. That’s mindless Catholic schoolgirl virgin logic. Snap out of it.

Sorry, we were talking about Pitches here, with a P. See them both after the jump.

Here’s Ryan, via The 700 Level. A little more wrist next time, sweetheart.

And here’s the baby T-Rex, via Big League Stew. No wonder they went extinct. Another example of over-editing here, by the way.

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