11.28.07 11 years ago 48 Comments

So apparently the most sheltered retards in wannabe exclusive Northeast private schools like Vassar and Middlebury College are playing quidditch, the made-up game from the Harry Potter books.  Yes, the same game that requires flying around on a broom and a tiny magic ball that flies around of its own volition.  Ugh, this whole thing reeks of poindextrose.  At least Dungeons & Dragons games were confined to basements.  

Listen, I don't want to say that adults or near-adults who are fascinated with a children's book series are pathetic losers.  That would be too kind.  If you want to read literature written for ten-year-olds, at least challenge yourself with The Da Vinci Code or something. 

People say a lot of bad things about frat boys, but I, for one, would love to see some popped Abercrombie collars and feathered bangs beating the shit out of these people.

[Deuce of Davenport

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