The Internet Has All The Memes For The Mayweather-McGregor 10th-Round Finish

08.27.17 10 months ago 5 Comments

No one expected the unexpected when it came to actually booking Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor in one of the biggest fights ever, but everyone did expect the expected results of Floyd destroying Conor. This was pro boxing, not MMA. This was Floyd’s domain. His world. His everything. He was undefeated. How could Conor McGregor step in here and defeat him?

And so, Floyd Mayweather beat an extremely game Conor McGregor, who fought valiantly.

The 10th round TKO was quite impressive. Floyd Mayweather guaranteed a finish, and he gave that. McGregor asked to be knocked down after the fight: “Let me wobble to me corner!” He wanted to be knocked out. He also said “of course” at the prospect of going back to the UFC. So all we were left with, were the memes.

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