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More and more images of a woman that really, really looks like Michelle Ryan are leaking out over the internet faster than…well, think of something really fast, and now think of something even faster than that. That fast. We pointed out last month that Deadspin had unearthed some video of this woman in what appeared to be a foot-fetish video, which ironically my least-favorite fetish of all. So stop emailing me pictures of your feet, ladies. Your charming metatarsals are powerless against my germ paranoia.

Anyway, MediaTakeout found some more images of the same woman, and they’re saucy enough that we’re not even considering posting them here. We’re only linking to it because, in some deranged way, I’m convinced it will enrich your life. Somehow. Again, we’re not saying, “We’re 100 percent positive that this is Michelle Ryan.” We’re not saying that. But take a look for yourself. At your own risk, mind you. This is NSFW as all hell.

I personally acknowledge that some of you aren’t interested in this sort of thing at all, and that’s cool. If you’re one of those people, feel free to treat this post with all the disdain in the world, just as if it were about women’s basketball or anything involving the Big Ten.

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