Who’s Up For A Clip Of A Rally Car Passenger Vomiting Up Blood All Over Himself?

You (the viewer) won’t love it so much.

It was hard to pick a header image for this story, because it’s a story about a rally car passenger getting sick, throwing up all over himself and then vomiting up blood. Actually, I’m not sure I can report this without hyperbole. Let me see if the video provides any context …

Here’s the clip, which I urge you to watch when you aren’t eating lunch or riding in somebody’s rally car.


So many questions here. When the guy started puking on himself, why didn’t the driver stop? Even just to air out the car. Are passengers throwing up all over themselves a normal thing in rally car driving? If you don’t stop for vomit, why are you not stopping for BLOOD VOMIT? Most importantly, what was on those sheets of paper?

Last question: Is this the best and most appropriate screencap ever?

Answer: Yes.

[h/t Nosebleeds]