Who's Got NCAA Tournament Headline Jokes? Dayton Flyers Got Headline Jokes

Not to take anything away from all of history’s greatest NCAA Tournament upsets, but the Dayton Flyers probably have a few more bragging rights than most teams. Sure, we could argue about which of yesterday’s upsets was the biggest – ND State over Oklahoma, Harvard over Cincinnati, Dayton over Ohio State – and we could even throw in the fact that Saint Louis overcame a huge deficit with a ridiculous fouling strategy that should have never ever worked, but I’d still say that Dayton’s upset of the Buckeyes was the biggest, because it ruined something like 83% of the nation’s brackets in the Quicken Billion Dollar challenge. Not that anyone was ever going to win that, but on the first game? That’s just awesome.

Anyway, the 11-seed Flyers are rightfully amped about their upset, as is the hometown newspaper, the Dayton Daily News. The whole “THE” thing has always cracked me up, regardless of which school uses it, because there’s only one Ohio State and Florida State, so throwing “THE” in front of it is just excessive. It makes other schools feel unimportant, and our institutions of higher learning should be more inclusive. They all steal money from kids equally.

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