11.20.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

This is Aimee Mullins, who has done everything from working at the Pentagon while studying at Georgetown to modeling in London to working as an actor in film. I guess we’re calling them actors now. But anyway, you’re going to feel like an even lazier bastard when I tell you that Aimee has done all of these things with prosthetic legs.

Mullins was born with missing fibulae and had to endure double amputation just below the knee when she was just a year old. But that never stopped her from running track at Georgetown. Or from being a smoking hot piece of tail. And her carbon fiber legs that she uses to run? They cost over $15,000 a pop. That’s 15 large for each leg. That’s a couple of Toyotas. And you thought that necklace you were buying for your girlfriend for Christmas was pricey. Panda.

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