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Here’s that video of that Jets fan being arrested during that AFC Divisional Round game on Sunday, apparently for nothing more than being a Jets fan. We can see that the poor bastard is being cuffed as a Charger fan continually shouts to police, “He didn’t do anything!” It’s hard to tell since the video is clearly edited. But now a post from a Jets messageboard–from someone claiming to be the creator of that video on a Jets messageboard–seems to corroborate that story. Yes, we’re citing a Jets messageboard. Shoot us.

I’m the one that posted the video and this is what [went] down.

This guy was chanting Jets for about 10 minutes straight. This is the first part of the video Obnoxious yes, but definately not breaking the law. Then this lady in a wheelchair says for him to come down to her and smacks him in the face and tells him to shut the f**k up. I didn’t get this on tape.[..]

He walked back up to his wife/gf. Apparently [surveillance] called the cops to the area. When they walked up I believe she pointed her finger at him. They just knew there was some disturbance and they were checking in on it. The cops walked over to him and he was still chanting Jets. It didn’t seem like they were into fact finding. The next thing you know he gets pulled which is the second part of the video. –The Gang Green forums.

So apparently being a Jets fan is illegal in the state of California. It’s a great idea on the surface, but really shouldn’t we just be executing them? Less paperwork, plus Jets fans make for great kindling. vid from Deadspin. Also.

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