Weiner Dog Adorably Escapes Its Frustrated Owners During Baseball Game

08.30.15 3 years ago

There are several undeniable, inevitable actions humans will take in the presence of a certain animal or insect. When a human encounters a bee – it does not matter how big or strong or fast or impervious to harm the human is – the human will cringe, maybe even twitch to get out of the bee’s path. The rational part of the human’s brain knows it won’t get stung unless it messes with the bee, but the rest of the brain isn’t taking any chances. When a human sees a fish in a tank, the human will tap on the glass, despite the sign RIGHT THERE, STARING THEM IN THE FACE asking them not to tap the glass. And when a human sees a dog, the human will want to pet the dog, because it is a Very Good Dog and Very Good Dogs deserve all the pets and belly rubs and treats in the world.

Sometimes, though, the Very Good Dog just wants to run around, much like this weiner dog who got away from his people after deciding that the wiener race didn’t have enough running. See him run, little legs pumping furiously, tail helicoptering fiercely, mouth open in sheer joy. Seemingly asking,”Why are you guys playing baseball when you could be having much more fun chasing me?”

As far as dogs are concerned, weiner dogs are not the most beloved. They can be yappy, even nip at you if they’re in the mood (and they are often in the mood). Yet look at the natural reaction of every person the dog comes in contact with: they all bend down in an effort to pet the dog. Sure, it got away from its owner. And, sure, it momentarily disturbed the El Chihuahua’s baseball game, but it is still a dog, which means it is still a Very Good Dog, which means we should all just smile as it runs around and around and around.

(El Chihuahua and Jezebel)

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