The Wife Of Former Soccer Player Joao Santos Found His Severed Head On Her Doorstep

Holy crap.



Former Brazilian and international soccer player Joao Rodrigo Silva Santos was reported missing on Monday, after he failed to ever return home after closing his business. For two years since he retired, Joao Santos has been running a health food store in Rio de Janeiro while his wife has served as a social worker, and the two have presumably neither angered or even bothered anyone.

Except on Monday, witnesses watched as Santos was grabbed by several men after closing his shop, and according to the Daily Mirror, he’s not missing anymore.

The wife of a kidnapped footballer found her husband’s severed head dumped on her doorstep.

The player’s eyes and tongue had been cut out and his head placed inside his own rucksack.

Horrified police in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, believe Joao Santos was targeted by drugs gangs because his wife Geisa, 31, works at a police base.

No body. No reported note. Just his bag with his own eye- and tongue-less head stuffed inside.

*crosses Brazil off of list of places to visit*

Holy crap.

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