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Post columnist and ESPN talking head Michael Wilbon went onto Tony Kornheiser’s radio show earlier today, claiming that “on pretty good authority” he knew that two head coaches from prominent programs–Rich Rodriguez of Michigan and Charlie Weis of Notre Dame–would not be returning for 2010.

We pretty much wrote this post a week ago so the only thing we can add would involve the money element: Rodriguez has only been in Ann Arbor for two years and still has four years left on the deal he signed in early 2008. Weis is in a similar situation with the 10-year extension he signed in 2005. Each coach has a buyout clause in his respective deal worth enough to revitalize an African country of his choosing: $4 million for RichRod, and Weis is owed a whopping $18 million.

Candidates’ names are swirling through the media, but they will not include Jim Harbaugh, whose second straight defeat of Southern Cal earned him an extension. But one has to wonder: if those schools could have done so much better at hiring just a few short years ago…why didn’t they?

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