A Wild First Pitch Before White Sox-Royals May Be The Worst In Baseball History

Via FSKansasCity

Baseball is a beautiful sport. It’s also the only sport that, because of tradition or whatever, is not allowed to begin its games until a non-baseball player throws a pitch to someone. The folks who tend to do this will usually do an ok job, but when someone messes up, it gets a whole lot of attention.

This happened on Tuesday night before the Chicago White Sox played host to the Kansas City Royals. Here is the first pitch, which hits the cameraman standing a few feet away from the mound.

Everyone seemed to find it extremely funny, ostensibly because, well, it was extremely funny. It was the classic issue of a release point just being a bit off, only there was a person standing there with a camera photographing the whole ordeal, which made it a bit different from this pitch from the same night by Marlins starter Trevor Richards.

Anyway, one fun thing about bad first pitches is we have a point of reference on other bad first pitches. This one, however, is worse than basically all of them. At the very least, it’s in the conversation with 50 Cent throwing a first pitch at a Mets game that will never not be funny.

The major difference, of course, is how Tuesday’s pitch involved a hit cameraman, while 50 Cent just missed. But despite the knock, the man behind the camera at Guaranteed Rate Field was completely fine.

The White Sox are in the midst of a rebuild, while the Royals are one of the worst teams in baseball, so there wasn’t a ton of excitement for Tuesday’s game. But thanks to this errant first pitch, we got a fun moment before the game even began.