The Wild’s Charlie Coyle Made This Kid’s Day Just By Waving To Him

Watch how happy this young Minnesota Wild fan gets when Charlie Coyle waves to him. It’s ridiculous. Why can’t all sports events be as simple and heartwarming as this, instead of, oh I don’t know, four people being stabbed in the parking lot at Mile High Stadium last night? Why can’t the fans that we talk about on Monday morning be more like this thrilled child than the drunk fan who pissed himself before trying to fight the entire fan base of the stadium his team was visiting? And why can’t more players take a second to offer a simple gesture like waving at kids than sending a ball boy into the stands to find out if the blonde with the cans wants to party that night?

It’s not too late to change our beloved sports… wait, I’m being handed a message. It turns out that it is, in fact, too late. Oh well, enjoy the happy kids while their parents can still afford to take them to games.

(H/T to #Buzzer)