04.21.07 11 years ago

The Seattle Supersonics may be the Las Vegas Supersonics beginning in the '08-'09 season:

Las Vegas' goal of landing an NBA franchise is still alive after commissioner David Stern said Friday he will appoint a committee of owners to study the proposal Mayor Oscar Goodman submitted about how his city would handle a team.  The NBA currently has no team to move. But that could change in a year.  Stern said the SuperSonics updated the board on the "disappointing week that they had there in terms of not even a vote on their measure."

Oh, if Shawn Kemp was still playing for the Sonics and made the move to "Sin City".  This would have made your hard-working Assistant Editor's job so much easier as there would be an obligatory Kemp/Showgirl post every hour similar to the daily Dan Quayle lampoon on the Tonight Show in the '80s.  Alas.  Vegas may want to find some dealers and croupiers who aren't so easily offended before they secure a NBA franchise.  Also, I predict the Las Vegas Shooters (Hot Hands, Rain Makers, Ballers, Newtons, etc.) will have the hottest dance team in the Association.  The possibilities boggle the mind and . . . other areas of my anatomy.  I've heard that the most voluptuous ladies in the nation fly in every weekend just to "perform" for honorable gentlemen.  

Oklahoma City would seem to be the likely destination if the Sonics do move, since [Sonics' owner Clay] Bennett is from there and the city strongly supported the New Orleans Hornets over the last two seasons.

Hmm, Vegas or OK City?  Where would today's NBAer rather play? -KD

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