If You Are Not Willing To Remove Your Leg For A Free T-Shirt, This Guy’s Getting The Shirt

People will do anything for a free t-shirt. We watched Sir Paul McCartney (a guy worth more than anybody reading this times a hundred and/or any one hundred of you reading this) go ape trying to get a free Nets shirt, and now we see … uh, Heather Mills?

A guy at Sunday night’s Dallas Mavericks game wanted a free t-shirt so badly he did this:

I wonder how many times that’s worked? I HAVE A PROSTHETIC LEG, I DESERVE WHATEVER XXL SHIRT YOU’RE THROWING INTO THE CROWD. I act like I’m throwing shade, but come on, if I was missing a leg I’d have a walk-in closet full of Fun Bunch ammo. I’d have a shirt cannon outside my house firing shit in through my bedroom window on the hour.

(Maybe Paul should look into that.)

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