Winni and the Jets

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.24.11 8 Comments

It looks like the Winnipeg Jets are cleared for landing.

Oh ho, I see what you did there, TSN.

The team, which is expected to officially announce their name before making the 7th overall pick in tonight’s NHL Entry Draft, is reportedly going to go with the very popular Jets nickname. You can watch the Draft live on TSN at 7pm et/4pm pt.

“Et” is French (possibly French-Canadian) for “and”, so you can watch the draft live at both 7 and 4 PM. I think “pt.” means pint. Actually, PM might stand for Prime Minister. I don’t know how hockey announcements work.

But here we are, watching the Atlanta Thrashers officially become the Winnipeg Jets, and watching the Winnipeg Jets officially become the NHL’s Cleveland Browns. I feel like public outcry backed Winnipeg into a corner, and they couldn’t announce their team was going to be called the “Klondikes” or some sort of bird without having tomatoes thrown at them. The original title of this post was going to be “PEER PRESSURE WORKS”, because hey, I wouldn’t have ever started drinking without it.

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