The Wisconsin Badgers Celebrated Their Sweet 16 Win With Aaron Rodgers

Senior Writer

The No. 2 seed Wisconsin Badgers had no problem knocking off the No. 6 Baylor Bears in their Sweet 16 matchup in Anaheim last night, so it was obviously all fun and dancing in the locker room after the game. In fact, this one-minute video clip that the Badgers posted to YouTube of their postgame celebration is responsible for three of my favorite moments of the NCAA Tournament thus far. Obviously, above, you’ve got Wisconsin Coach Bo Ryan with this ridiculous face during his photo opportunity with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but the best parts came both before and right after Rodgers entered the locker room for a round of bro hugs.

Around the :36 mark, one of the Badgers players says, “Stop kicking by Bears’ asses” as they welcome Rodgers into the huddle. That’s pretty awesome. But the best part of this video, by far, is Evan Anderson’s flashy dance moves.

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