Wisconsin’s Leo Musso Delivered A Wicked Spin Move And Scored After Recovering A Michigan State Fumble

This is a 66-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown by Wisconsin’s Leo Musso, which is pretty exciting news if you’re a Wisconsin Badgers fan. If you like spinning, though, get ready to be real excited.

The play begins with Michigan State running back LJ Scott taking a handoff at midfield. Scott lowers his head and tries to spin off a D’Cota Dixon tackle to gain some additional yards. He does not. Instead, the ball pops out of his hands and spins in the air for a bit before it hits the turf. Musso recovers it and takes off. The Badgers junior—who is very familiar with running for touchdowns—races down the far sideline before encountering Michigan State quarterback Tyler O’Connor.

At about the 40-yard line, Musso taps the proper button on his controller, stutter steps, and spins counterclockwise to avoid the tackle. The spin move sends O’Connor himself spinning to the ground, splayed on the sideline helplessly as Musso picks up more blockers and races downfield untouched for the score. Everything in this game is spinning. The room is now spinning. This planet, which we all reside on and few have ever left, is also forever spinning.

I know, Sparty. I know.