Wish Flappy Bird Had More Running Knees To The Face? Try Flappy Bryan, Featuring WWE’s Daniel Bryan

If you haven’t been following the saga of FLAPPY BIRD, let me catch you up to speed. A guy named Dong Nguyen made a terrible, terribly addicting game out of spare video game parts where you try to navigate a bird through pipes. It was an instant, massive success, so he immediately took it away, claiming it was an “addictive product.” The world mourned.

Then like an hour later the world celebrated because a housecat could make this game, and people recreated it without much effort, complete with parodies like Flappy Doge. Much game. Very pipes. Wow.

The latest parody — and the one most relevant to a sports blog that writes way too much about fake sports — is FLAPPY BRYAN. In it, you pilot WWE superstar Daniel Bryan through pipes, for some reason. When he makes it, he yells YES. When he dies, he yells NO. I heard a lot more NO than YES because this is my first true experience with Flappy Bird and now I kinda want to kill myself.

Give the game a try for free here and let us know your high scores. Also, can somebody fantasy book this into a thing that makes sense?

Future game suggestions:

– ANGRY SHIELDS, where you launch Roman Reigns at a bunch of lambs.
– KONA CRUSH SAGA, where you bother your Facebook friends to help you finish Demolition matches.
– WORDS WITH WARRIORS, where you get extra points for spelling shit that doesn’t make sense, like “Destrucity”

Any others?