Giancarlo Stanton Continues To Prove He’s Not Human With This Crazy Catch

Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton made a pretty spectacular catch against the Pirates on Memorial Day. He also hit his 13th home run, and drove in the only two Marlins runs. And yet Stanton’s heroics were not enough, as the team lost, 4-2.

We shouldn’t be surprised by this incredible catch though. Stanton has been doing awesome things pretty much his whole career.

He recently hit a run home out of Dodger Stadium that may still be in orbit. And there was his display at the Home Run Derby last year, including a monster 510-foot bomb.

Stanton has rebounded nicely since his season last year was cut short when he was hit in the face by a baseball. It started when he made a long-term commitment to the Marlins by signing a mammoth 13-year, $325 million contract in the offseason. And he currently leads the majors in runs batted in and is tied for third in home runs.

Here’s hoping Marlins’ fans can take solace in Stanton’s awesomeness. You know instead of thinking about how the team lied to you about its stadium or how no players find it worth their time to come to meet and greets.

But hey, you have one of the great baseball players in the game and he does awesome things.

(Via MLB,  YouTube,  Miami New Times and Washington Post)