With Leather Live Discussion – NBA Finals Game 2

06.14.12 6 years ago 457 Comments

With a 105-94 win on Tuesday night, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder struck first against the Miami Heat, who held a double digit lead for the majority of Game 1. Was it Lebron James’ fault? What about Dwyane Wade? Maybe it was Juwan Howard screwing everything up like he did with last Saturday’s locker room dance party? Blame whoever you want, but at least we got a fantastic game out of it.

We’ll be back for another Live Discussion during Game 2 tonight, as I’ll make snarky comments about commercials that annoy me in between yelling at Chris Duhon when he walks into my bar, and maybe even Vince will stop by to mock our love of sports again. And we might have a very special guest stopping by, but he’s a very hard man to keep in touch with, so I can’t reveal the surprise just yet. But if he does show up, you’re all going to lose your minds and I’m actually quite terrified to see the result.

Nice blue balls, eh?

Coverage begins on ABC at 9 PM ET, but I’ll be here all day, so join me, make funny comments, and win With Leather t-shirts.

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