With Leather Live Discussion: NBA Finals Game 5

“LeBron James stands at the cusp/doorstep/brink/edge/diving board/gates/feet/nipples of greatness,” the copy editors are shouting this morning, as sports fans everywhere eagerly anticipate what will be a moment of celebration for some and Armageddon for others. Unless the Oklahoma City Thunder pull off a miracle comeback never before seen in NBA Finals history, James will have his first NBA Championship, undoubtedly paired with a Finals MVP.

Join us tonight as we wait to see if the man who dubbed himself King James has taken the correct does of Midol to rid himself of the cramps he suffered late in Game 4. Will Dwyane Wade overcome his child custody issues that have barely been mentioned (myself included, whoops) to help push his best friend over the edge of greatness? Will the haters finally be silenced and bow down before their ultimate NBA overlord? Will Scott Brooks learn how to coach the Thunder? Will someone explain a shot clock to Russell Westbrook?

Answer these questions and more with us tonight at 9 PM ET (on ABC, of course) for our Game 5 live discussion. And share this post on Facebook and Twitter to unlock tonight’s “Reminder” Badge, just in case James does end up celebrating with his legions of Uggs- and white sunglasses-wearing #HEATBROS in South Beach tonight.