With Leather Live Discussion: UFC 148

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07.07.12 805 Comments

Back in 2010, Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen faced off for the first time at UFC 117 in what was already a controversial fight. UFC President Dana White famously declared that if Silva fought against Sonnen like he did in his previous fight, he would expel him from UFC, middle heavyweight champion or not. In their fight, Sonnen dominated Silva for the first four rounds, before Silva flipped the script and caught him in a triangle arm bar to force the submission.

Soon after, it was revealed that Sonnen had tested positive for elevated testosterone, so White suspended him for a year. Since then, Silva has been quite clear about how he plans to approach this fight. And Silva’s “mentor” Steven Seagal believes that this fight won’t even be close.

Meanwhile, Tito Ortiz has the chance to retire (sort of) on top, as he and Forrest Griffin will finally close the book on their rivalry. Ortiz defeated Griffin at UFC 59 in 2006 and Griffin took the victory at UFC 106 in 2009. The last time Ortiz won was one year ago at UFC 132, making him a depressing 1-6-1 in his last 8 fights. Fingers crossed for a storybook ending for the guy who made an honest duck woman out of Jenna Jameson.

Join us tomorrow night at 8 PM ET for the preliminary fights on FX, and at 10 PM ET for the pay-per-view event. Share this discussion with your senseis and pupils on Facebook and Twitter tomorrow night, and unlock the mystical Steven Seagal “TEACHER” badge.

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