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11.17.12 691 Comments

I don’t know about you fight fans, but I have seriously missed Georges St-Pierre, and I can’t think of many better ways for him to make his return at tomorrow night’s UFC 154 PPV event than by facing the man who took his place at UFC 143 and ultimately his Welterweight Championship. Hell, for the sake of brewing some excitement, let’s go ahead and say that Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit also took St-Pierre’s wife, children and dog. How you gonna let another man just come in your house and take all your stuff, Georges?

Back in reality, though, I think it would be the understatement of the year to say that St-Pierre is fired up for this fight, and I predict with confidence that the pride of Quebec is going to get his gold back and remind everyone why he’s the baddest fighter this side of Mount Royal. That’s not to say that Condit doesn’t stand a chance, though. He’s a badass in his own right, but short of dipping his hands in glue and rolling them around in gummy bears broken glass, I don’t think he stands a chance.

UFC 154 also marks the equally important return of Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer, as they were stripped of their ring girl duties for UFC on Fuel 6 in Macau as a punishment for not pillow fighting enough. I really hope they learned their lessons, but if not, I’d be fine with another appearance by Jessica C. and Kang Ye-bin.

What’s that? The fights? Geez, you’re picky. Check out the full card after the jump, as well as Lobster Mobster’s handy dandy UFC 154 primer.

As always, we’ll be here tomorrow night beginning at 8 PM ET for the 2-hour preliminary fight event on FX and probably make a ton of comments about how much we love Ronda Rousey, and then we’ll switch over for the PPV. Share this live discussion with your friends on Twitter or Facebook, or simply join us in the comments, and you can unlock ze BON GEORGES! badge to welcome back Quebec’s finest. Predictions to come tomorrow, but feel free to start making your own in the comments.

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