With Leather Live Discussion: UFC 160

For this UFC 160 Live Discussion, which has been hailed by Queen Elizabeth II as the second-best UFC PPV live discussion on the Internet behind her own, I decided to lead with the Taylor Swift/Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva mashup because it’s a lot better than the other video than I’ve included, as it features significantly less blood pouring out of Silva’s face holes.

But here we are, on the eve of UFC 160 and the rematch of Silva and UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez. Silva is coming off the surprising statement knockout victory over Alistair Overeem at UFC 156 back in February, while Velasquez is riding high following his rematch victory for the title against Junior dos Santos at UFC 155. Of course, it’s worth noting that Velsaquez’s last three fights included two against dos Santos and one against Silva – which wasn’t a title match – so his training has been very specific.

And in case you don’t quite recall how that last match against Silva ended, well, make sure you’re not eating…

So best of luck to Bigfoot tomorrow night in his quest to win the title or at least not have his face split open like a Capri Sun.

My favorite story of the week involved Max Holloway and Dennis Bermudez running into each other and meeting for the first time at a Whole Foods earlier this week. How does that even go down? Did one of them see the other and sort of recognize him, and then follow him around until they finally stopped and were like, “Are you…” and then laugh at punch the sh*t out of each other? Whatever, it’s pretty cool that they’d at least agree to go for the bonus tomorrow night.

As for the rest of the fight card, you can check out our own Lobster Mobster’s UFC 160 primer right here, and pick your winners below. Join us tomorrow night starting at 8 PM ET on FX for the two hours of free preliminary fights and then stick around at 10 PM ET for the UFC 160 PPV event, live from Las Vegas.

And happy Memorial Day, everybody.

(Via the Chive)