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As we all wait breathlessly for Dana White to fulfill his promise of a Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva superfight, there’s a lot of buzz around tomorrow night’s UFC on Fox 5 event. Fans and analysts believe that we’re in store for one of the best non-PPV events in the history of free viewing. I say that’s a tall order to fill, seeing as I still think that the recent UFC on Fuel 6 event was still one of the best free fight cards I’ve ever watched twice in one day. How great was it? I didn’t even need to start drinking at 9 AM to enjoy. I just drank at 9 AM because.

So who will be providing tomorrow night’s action? Well for starters, we get three hours of preliminary fights on FX. That means we’re starting at 5 PM ET, before we switch over to Fox at 8 PM ET to watch the main card bouts. Just so I don’t have to get up at any point, I went to Costco this morning and bought six buckets of beef jerky. That way, when I’m done with a bucket, I can use it as a bathroom. That’s gross. I’m sorry.

Headlining the event at the Key Arena in lovely Seattle, of course, features Ben Henderson defending his Lightweight Championship against Nate Diaz, and that should be a hell of a fight. Some people have gone as far as to call it a skinnier version of the fight we just watched between St-Pierre and Carlos Condit, but again, that’s a really tall order for these two fighters to live up to.

Nevertheless, I expect the main event to be fantastic, and the rest of the official fight card looks pretty great as well. In fact, you can read our own Lobster Mobster’s pre-fight primer to prepare yourself. In the meantime, I thought it would be nice to let Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste walk us through tomorrow night’s matchups.

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