With Leather Live Discussion: UFC On FX 8

The UFC, in its ever-ambitious quest to keep doing what works, returns to Brazil for UFC on FX 8, which will showcase native son Vitor Belfort in what could be a very exciting and important match against Luke Rockhold. Belfort’s last two title shots have been less than impressive, as Anderson Silva knocked him out in the first round at UFC 126 and Jon Jones got him to tap in the fourth round at UFC 152. Despite those losses, Belfort remains one of the top contenders in the Middleweight division, and with yet another win in front of his fellow countrymen, he could soon find himself squaring off against Silva once again.

But Belfort will have to get through Rockhold first (and then wait for Chris Weidman’s shot, natch) and that might not be very easy. Rockhold is one of the former Strikeforce fighters that a lot of people have been waiting to see in the UFC, as he was the reigning Middleweight champion when the promotion folded. Rockhold won the title in 2011 and successfully defended it twice, but a shoulder injury would have stopped a third defense from happening last November, if the event hadn’t ultimately been canceled.

So for those of us who appreciate the new blood and want to see Silva face a wider variety of talent like Georges St-Pierre in the Welterweight division, this main event could end up being very special if Rockhold wins. Otherwise, we can look forward to Silva-Belfort II down the road.

As always, join us tomorrow night at 9 PM ET for UFC on FX 8, as we will have one of our award-winning live discussions (our last chat was named Best in Show at Westminster). Check out the entire fight card after the jump, and bring your best LOLs and OHSNAPs for tomorrow night’s free fights.

Also, I wonder what’s being discussed here. Don’t worry, I’ll rescue you, Brittney.

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