Alex Rodriguez Is An Admirer Of Art And Terrible Photoshops

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09.20.12 3 Comments

With 14 games remaining, the New York Yankees are clinging to a shocking half-game lead over the Baltimore Orioles in the AL East race. Granted, if the Yankees lose that lead, they’ll still be sitting comfortable in a Wild Card spot, but even with a loss to the Toronto Blue Jays today, New York would still be tied for first, as the O’s have the day off. Bunch of lazy jerks.
On Monday, though, the Yankees had the day off, which allowed superstar third baseman Alex Rodriguez a little “me” time to hit the town and take in some culture. Specifically, A-Rod was hitting up the museums to eye f*ck some art, as he posted the above image to his Facebook account on Monday.

What a great day off, admired lots of great art… Including this gorgeous Basquiat!

The work in question that Rodriguez was admiring is “Pegasus”, a 1987 work by famed graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, who was, of course, one of Andy Warhol’s protégés and close friends. He was also the subject of the 1996 film, Basquiat, starring Jeffrey Wright. I often told my friends that I loved that movie, but I was a stupid kid and didn’t actually understand it.
I bet A-Rod gets Basquiat, because he’s always been a classy son-of-a-gun, and to further prove that point, I actually followed him around as he admired plenty of other things on his day off. How exactly did I manage to follow him without being noticed and, as some people might point out, that I “wasn’t even in New York at any point in my life”? I learned from the master himself.
After the jump, check out the amazing sites that A-Rod spent his Monday off checking out. Also, I think the guy might be kind of a pervert.

As he continued through the museum, I believe he found his way into the Hall of Memes.
I have a print of this priceless work hanging above my own toilet.
Ugh, political art.
Like a modern day Viggo the Carpathian.
A-Rod stared at this damn portrait for six hours.
Finally, he made his way into the Danger Guerrero MS Paint exhibition.
The museum was really busy that day.
Then A-Rod made a friend and discussed the finer points of art.
Fitting that he’d end with this one. Then it was off to the city for an exciting day!
First, he was the guest judge at a female bodybuilding competition. They didn’t actually invite him. He insisted.
I think this was in the Bronx.
These people were really angry about something. Probably A-Rod not signing autographs.
Then A-Rod took in a Madonna concert. She saved him a seat right up front.
This was the worst part of the day, but A-Rod had a blast.
And he couldn’t call it a day until he waited to get a look at the new iPhone 5. He’s a real technophile.

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