With Leather T-Shirt Giveaway Time: What The Heck Is Mitt Romney Looking At?

Here’s the deal, folks – before you get all riled up and excuse me of being a liberal blogger just looking to jump on the “Everybody make fun of Mitt Romney!” train, know that I’m a huge fan of capitalism but I also hate every single politician on this planet equally. However, that doesn’t mean this isn’t an excuse to bag on Romney, because when I saw the above image posted at The Superficial yesterday, I told my fellow Female Body Inspectors over there that I couldn’t wait to fire up the Ol’ Photoshops on it.

And then I thought, “No. That’s no fun at all.”

We’ve got a perfectly good Olympics underway with hundreds of pictures flying all over the place daily, and I also have a box full of With Leather t-shirts that need homes so I can order the new design and my C-Tates shirts. I simply cannot have clutter in my bitchin’ party house. So we’re going to play a game and I’m giving out a bunch of t-shirts.

The first game is to answer the question: “What the heck is Mitt Romney looking at?” What’s causing him to grin that evil grin at the Olympics? Also, what’s making Ann Romney so uneasy? Post your picture responses in the comments. (HINT: I saw one picture yesterday from the Olympics that will automatically win one shirt.) And then join me after the jump for the second game.

Caption party!

Best captions will win t-shirts as well. I urge commenters to tell me who wins, because I hate choosing. Seriously, the worst emails I’ve ever received are from people who don’t win stuff.

(As always, email me at BurnsyWL@gmail.com if you’ve previously won a t-shirt and haven’t received it, so I can check my records and call you a liar or apologize profusely.)