With Leather Watch This: Are You Ready For Some Turnovers?

Our Man Burnsy’s on the road today, so I’m handling the With Leather Watch This. Who likes shoehorned-in wrestling references? Everybody? THOUGHT SO.

Here’s what’s on TV tonight, highlighted by a “seemed like a great idea when we were making the schedule” showdown between the 3-7 Philadelphia Eagles and the 2-8 Carolina Panthers. Sophomore slumpmaster Cam Newton looks to throw more interceptions than touchdowns against Philadelphia’s Michael Vick, a guy who could seriously benefit from Tim McGraw showing up and duct-taping the football to his hands. It’s going to be GREAT, and the Philly sports fans on your Twitter feed won’t be obnoxious about it AT ALL.

Monday Night Football: Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles – 8:30 PM ET on ESPN

Can the Philadelphia Eagles lose seven straight games? Can the Panthers find another way to lose by two points or less on the road? Will you get bored enough to change the channel during a commercial and watch way too much of an all-new ‘2 Broke Girls’? “Max and Caroline try to raise money to rent a storefront for their cupcake business.” That sounds hilarious!

WWE Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

If you’re gonna watch this, be sure to hang out in our open discussion thread. It’s a safe haven for adults who want to make funny wrestling jokes, but don’t necessarily want to be all people who like wrestling about it. Kaitlyn will be there (on the show, not in the thread) and she looks like that. Well, she looks like that if she had a yellow fleece throw-blanket on her head at all times.

NBA Basketball: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets – 7 PM ET on TNT

The 9-3 first place Knicks take on the 8-4 second place Nets in a battle is saying is to prove who are the KINGS OF THE BIG APPLE. I’m not basketball expert, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say the team who’s been there since 1946 is probably the Kings, and not the guys who played in the Meadowlands until a rapper decided to like them.

College Basketball: Chicago State at Notre Dame – 7 PM ET on ESPNU

Is that the Nintendo Channel?

World Series Of Poker – 9 PM ET on ESPN2

This was more of Punte’s bag, but I’m guessing it goes down exactly like this: