With Leather's Watch This: Peyton's The Manning

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09.17.12 9 Comments

If the start of both football seasons has taught me anything, it’s that I am out of shape. I don’t mean my fat ass, because that’s an obvious statement. I mean my ability to day drink. Hoo boy, I am not 22-years old anymore, and that is just depressing. I actually found myself shaking my proverbial fist at college students this weekend for being too drunk. The hell is wrong with me?

Anyway, I can’t wait to lay on my couch and watch Peyton Manning and Eric Decker outscore Matt Ryan by 6 points. *crosses fingers, puts money in the collection dish and sacrifices 12 chickens to Cthulhu.

Monday Night Football: Denver Broncos at Atlanta Falcons – 8:30 PM ET on ESPN

A lot of people are writing this game off as no big deal for Manning, but I think every game is a big deal for ol’ forehead. For starters, this game is in a hostile atmosphere and should be a huge test to see if he can still duke it out against a high-powered offense. Obviously, it should help him a great deal that Brent Grimes is out for the season and the Falcons suck on Monday Night games, but for as much faith as I’ve put in Manning, I also love me some Matt Ryan, so here’s to hoping it’s an entertaining one.

Around the Horn – 5:00 PM ET

What quirky thing will Woody Paige write on the chalkboard behind his head? Will Jemele Hill show up and pretend like she’s a sideline reporter? By the way, if you didn’t see her “interview” Mike Leach before Friday’s Washington State game, you missed some unintentional comedy. He’s the best.

Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

If you’re attending tonight’s show – wherever it is – and you make a sign that reads either “Burnsy loves tacos” or “Brandon loves celery” and I see it on TV, I will send you a free With Leather t-shirt.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets – 7:10 PM ET on whatever channel

Bristol Palin, Phillies fan.

I’m slowly talking myself into the fact that the Phillies are probably going to steal the second wild card spot from the Cardinals. St. Louis just can’t buy a damn win lately, which probably makes baseball’s less classy and less intelligent fans very happy.

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