With Leather’s Watch This: A Cardinals Fan Tried To Kill A Bee Attacking A Cubs Fan

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08.21.13 2 Comments

Via Deadspin (with a hat tip to UPROXX reader Beer Guy Rob) comes this video of a feisty and considerably drunk pugilist outside of Wrigley Field. The video’s title leads us to believe that the inebriated man in gray is a St. Louis Cardinals fan, as this took place after the Cubs laid a 7-0 hurting on the Redbirds last Friday, but I don’t think that he is.

After all, Cardinals fans are widely regarded as the classiest and most intelligent baseball fans, so picking a fight with a Cubs fan after a loss? I think not. If he really is a Cardinals fan, he was likely defending the Cubs fan from a bee, as his initial movements caused the bee to land on the ground. Thus, the supposed Cardinals fan reacted by slamming his head on top of the bee. I can totally see why some people might think he looked like he tried to kick the Cubs fan but fell and smacked his head on the ground, but my assessment is probably right.

Also, girl in the background shouting, “I would drop him”? You’re so cool.

MLB: Rays at Orioles – 7 PM ET on ESPN 2
MLB: Nationals at Cubs – 8 PM ET on WGN

Who would have imagined that out of these four teams, the Rays are the lone playoff contender at this point in the season? Sure, the O’s are close but they’re still not in it. But how are the Nats this bad? It’s remarkable. Someone at ESPN should talk about this.

Little League World Series: New England vs. West – 8 PM ET on ESPN

My money is always on the California kids. It should also be pointed out in the event that New England wins that my money is made of chocolate, too.

NFL Preseason Live: Broncos vs. Seahawks – 8 PM ET on NFL Network

One of my friends emailed me yesterday and was like, “Dude, you forgot Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball on your RB rankings” and I responded, “No I didn’t, I just have zero interest in them from a fantasy standpoint” and he responded, “Your loss, dude.” I’m sure going to miss all the points either of them would give me for the blocking they do on all of that passing.

But again, I hope I’m wrong. I enjoy being wrong.

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