With Leather’s Watch This: A Soldier Surprised His Parents At The Dodgers Game

[mlbvideo id=”27410587″ width=”650″ height=”390″ /]

The Los Angeles Dodgers paid tribute to America’s troops and their families this past Memorial Day weekend in one of our favorite ways possible – surprising one soldier’s family with an early return. The parents of U.S. Army Lt. Brandon Neel were being interviewed about their son’s service, when they revealed that he’d be coming home to them in one week, and they were clearly emotional just discussing it. But then the waterworks were in full effect when Neel snuck up on his parents in front of the pre-game crowd.

The only thing that would have made this video better would be if it involved all of our troops coming home, but I would have also liked it if Lil Jon had joined in on the hug. And then maybe if a light fell on Taylor Lautner.


Yankees at Mets – 7 PM ET on ESPN

Angels at Dodgers – 10 PM ET on ESPN

Wow, so we don’t get the much better rivalry between the Cardinals and Royals? I’d express my rage, but I’m much more classier and intelligent than that.

NBA Playoffs

Game 4: Heat at Pacers – 8:30 PM ET

I, for one, look forward to more of Dwyane Wade’s “I don’t give a f*ck what any of you thinks about me” classic moments. Hey, if the league’s not going to grow a set and fine him, then we might as well enjoy it.


NHL Playoffs

Game 7: Sharks at Kings – 9 PM ET on NBC Sports

I’ve previously complained that the NHL Playoffs were taking too long, but now it feels like they’re flying by. I guess it helps that the NBA’s playoff series each span one month.