With Leather’s Watch This: Angie Harmon And Jason Sehorn Have Nude Board Game Night

Former New York Giants and St. Louis Rams safety Jason Sehorn has a pretty sweet life, as he doesn’t seem to have a job anymore and he’s married to Rizzoli & Isles star Angie Harmon, who still keeps it incredibly tight after 40 years and three kids. Speaking of Harmon, she was on Conan earlier this week to promote her “We’re totally just friends” drama, and she informed Conan O’Brien and his audience that she and Sehorn have a regular board game night that keeps things exciting.

Of course, board games are stupid so they’ve incorporated their own special rules. Basically, Sehorn gets drunk on tequila while Harmon gets naked. He might have the perfect life.

WNBA: Los Angeles at Tulsa – 9 PM ET on ESPN 2

I was about to make my standard, pig-headed joke about how nobody watches the WNBA and I realized that, for a brief moment, I couldn’t even remember where Tulsa is. I ain’t the brightest bulb in the drawer, folks.

MLB: Reds at Braves – 7 PM ET on MLB Network

Someone should start a Dusty Baker firing countdown clock. There’s no way that Walt Jocketty is enjoying watching his very talented team fall to 5 games behind the team that fired and replaced him with a guy who has made people in St. Louis forget that “Uncle Walt” even existed.

Tour de France: Stage 12 – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

Hey baby duck, you wanna handle this reaction for me?