With Leather’s Watch This: ‘Baseball Wisdom With Kent Murphy’ On Heckling

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From our friends at Nick Hall Comedy comes the latest in the “Baseball Wisdom” series, “Handling Hecklers with Kent Murphy.” I’m always a sucker for anything baseball-humor-related, and as I’ve been diving into the past videos from this series in between watching movies that I’ve watched before in order to pass the time until the NFL season begins, I’ve been thoroughly entertained.

If I could request a topic, it would be catching foul balls in the stands, because people in general need an etiquette lesson when it comes to that.

MLB: Athletics at Pirates – 7 PM ET on ESPN

Who would have ever thought that we’d be watching a Wednesday night baseball game on ESPN between the Athletics and the Pirates, both teams among the best records in baseball? I would have, because I’m an incredibly intelligent baseball analyst.

MLB: Angels at Cubs – 8 PM ET on WGN

Meanwhile, the high-power Angels at 43-46, with their Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton core, are only a game-and-a-half closer to first place than they are to last in the AL West. Of course, that’s kind of what a record close to .500 means, but I just felt like making it a little more dramatic than necessary.

Soccer: Chicago vs. América – 8:30 PM ET on ESPN 2

Maybe this soccer game will actually end because of time expiring and not fans trying to maul each other on the field.

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