With Leather’s Watch This: Be Careful Out There, Guys Who Wear Hilarious Costumes

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08.23.13 2 Comments

Another gem from our stellar UPROXX video collection, this video shows us a gentleman named Banana Man, who turns this little strip of water and rocks into his very own Slip N Slide. While the results may be rather predictable – and a little underwhelming – I do like the upside of this gentleman’s antics. I don’t usually like to buy stock in a possible YouTube star, but I have a feeling this Banana Man fella might have a future of injuring himself for our entertainment.

Banana on, Banana Man.

NFL Preseason: Seahawks at Packers – 8 PM ET on CBS

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Oh good, I hope they show the Hail Mary play from last season over and over. And maybe they’ll cut to Golden Tate so he can talk about how it was actually a catch. That will be a hoot.

High-School Basketball All-Star Competition: Elite 24 Dunk Contest – 7 PM ET on ESPN U

Pay close attention, Bobcats, Kings and Magic. Three of these guys might be your teams’ draft picks in two or three years.

Women’s Tennis: New Haven Open Semifinals – 7 PM ET on ESPN 2

Good luck, whichever women are playing in this. How am I not a tennis expert for a major network?

High School Football: Ensworth at Trinity – 8 PM ET on ESPN U

ESPN U is sure showing a lot of high school sports tonight. This must be some kind of violation.

MLS Soccer: Chicago vs. Kansas City – 9:30 PM ET on NBC Sports

Hooray, soccer!

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