With Leather’s Watch This: Boston Marathon Victim Threw Out The First Pitch

On Tuesday, the Boston Red Sox welcomed Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman, whose legs were amputated after he was wounded in one of the explosions, to throw out one of two ceremonial first pitches. The other pitch was thrown by 52-year old Carlos Arredondo, who was one of the people who helped rescue people in the moments after the bombs went off, and he was immortalized in the AP photo of people wheeling Bauman to safety.

All I can say about Bauman is that he’s incredible. Watch that smile and joy as he throws an almost perfect strike and then try to complain about anything.

NBA Playoffs

Game 5: Pacers at Heat – 8:30 PM ET on TNT

It’s a shame that this wonderful playoff series and especially the coming of age of the young, exciting Indiana Pacers are being overshadowed by flopping and horrible officiating. I don’t get how David Stern is content with this being his legacy. Before he hands control over to Adam Silver, Stern should shove Joey Crawford into a bear cave.

*flips through TV Guide*

And that’s it. Geez, what a boring night. Thanks a lot, NHL. So let’s go ahead and celebrate John Tortorella while he waits for a new job.