With Leather’s Watch This: Dreamy Jordan Mein’s Rise To Welterweight Stardom

One of the biggest surprises of UFC 158 on Saturday night was Jordan Mein and incredible first round TKO over the veteran Dan Miller, although the UFC’s newest welterweight prospect is hardly a rookie. Mein has been fighting professionally since the age of 16, when he made his debut against another UFC welterweight rising star and super hipster, Rory MacDonald. But still, to win in the first round of his first UFC fight like Mein did was inspirational at the very least, and he’s already looking ahead.

According to MMA Junkie, Mein has a list of every welterweight in the UFC on a whiteboard so he can cross each one out as he knocks them off.

“I wrote down every single welterweight in the UFC. … You’ve got to know who you’re going to fight. You’ve got to have goals set in mind. You’ve got to know what’s up, what’s next. I look at that list every day. Dan Miller was in there. I look at his name and I’m like, OK, I’m ready. I’ve got to train every day, look at it when you wake up every day.”

Obviously, Mein’s going to have to cross a few more names off that list before he’s threatening Johny Hendricks’ status as the (presumed) No. 1 contender to Georges St-Pierre, or even preparing for a rematch with MacDonald. Perhaps the best option for everyone would be a fight with my favorite welterweight, Gunnar Nelson.

But if Dana White and Co. are reading – and of course they are – that rematch sure does sound like a great idea. I won’t even take credit for it when it happens if you schedule it by the end of this week.

NCAA Women’s Basketball Selection Special – 7 PM ET on ESPN

Wow, so let me get this straight – the men’s basketball teams get Sunday, the Lord’s day, but the women just get Monday, which is typically regarded as the worst day of the week? Chalk up another win for the sports penistocracy.

And thus concludes the first installment in my new series, “Jezebel Audition Samples”.

WWE Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

Here’s my story idea for tonight’s Raw: Following last week’s Raw, on which CM Punk interrupted the Undertaker’s tribute to Paul Bearer, the show opens with a tribute to Norwegian musician Eivind Rølles, who died today after battling cancer. Rølles’ bandmate in the 80s ska duo The Monroes, Lage Fosheim, comes to the ring to show his respect to his old friend, but he is soon interrupted by Punk, who goes on to preach about how The Toasters were significantly more important to the ska movement of the 80s than The Monroes could have ever hoped to have been.

This will lead to the introduction of a new wrestling superstar named Skank Daddy (Derrick Bateman) who will come out to defend Rølles’ honor in a retro suit and pair of two-tone Doc Martens. This will eventually be dubbed the greatest character story in WWE history and will win the company its first writing Emmy.

NBA: Heat at Celtics – 8 PM ET on ESPN

NBA: Knicks at Jazz – Knicks at Jazz – 10:30 PM ET on ESPN

Can the incredible Miami Heat win their 23rd game in a row? Probably! Even Keyboard Cat, Jr. is hard at work on a song about how great they are.