With Leather’s Watch This: Here’s The Worst Song You’ve Ever Heard. Ever.

I was going to post that new TV commercial from Morgan & Morgan asking the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign Tim Tebow, but I knew that our beloved NFL expert Christmas Ape would be all over it. If you live outside of Central Florida, John Morgan’s ads are quite famous for the serious-yet-familiar tone, as he is one of the more famous faces in Orlando and beyond.

Instead, I forgot that I hadn’t done anything with this amazing music video that my Twitter friend Dan brought to my attention the other day. It has jumped more than 300,000 views since I first saw it and rightfully so. It’s also apparently based on a delightful true story (read here and here, from the bottom up). I hope that this isn’t the last that we’ve heard from Miss Wolf.

NHL Playoffs

Game 4: Capitals at Rangers – 7:30 PM ET on NBC Sports

Game 5: Kings at Blues – 9 PM ET on CNBC

Game 5: Red Wings at Ducks – 10 PM ET on NBC Sports

For the love of God Blues, quit sucking as much as that song.

NBA Playoffs

Game 2: Bulls at Heat – 7 PM ET on TNT

Game 2: Warriors at Spurs – 9:30 PM ET on TNT

How much do the Heat win by tonight? My guess is 40.

MLB: Twins at Red Sox – 7 PM ET on ESPN

I bet Bobby Valentine is watching Sox games this season with an attitude like the guy who almost broke his hand trying to open the jammed up pickle jar.

Right, guy who’s f*cking terrible at golf like me?