With Leather’s Watch This: Hey, Remember When We All Hated The Yankees?

10.16.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

So remember that whole revelation yesterday that everyone suddenly wants to hate the St. Louis Cardinals? Great job with that, Matt Holliday. Obviously, I knew that his flop into Marco Scutaro’s legs would immediately give the people I’ve been trying to talk some sense into everything they needed to justify unsubstantiated, pure hatred for the Cards, but part of me held out hope that someone might defend the big doofus. Nope.

Again, well done, Holliday. You better get that fly swatter you call a bat working tomorrow night or the 2-1 deficit will be on your shoulders. Meanwhile, tonight is all about the team that we don’t need a reason to hate. That’s right, the Detroit Tigers.

MLB ALCS Game 3 – New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers – 8:07 PM ET on TBS

Seriously, let’s all go back to hating the Yankees. I mean, look at A-Rod! He makes $28 million this year and spends his team’s playoff games playing Pussy Hunter in the rich people seats. Do we suddenly feel bad for the Yankees just because Derek Jeter got hurt? The guy just made a $4 million profit on his Trump Tower penthouse during a time when class lines have never been more defined. Seriously, just watch Nick Swisher behave for two minutes and I guarantee you’ll forget all about how you hate the cardinals because they just keep winning.

NCAA Football: Louisiana Lafayette at North Texas – 9 PM ET on ESPN 2

You spoil us, ESPN 2.

2012 Summer Olympics: Women’s Swimming – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

A big tip of the cap here to NBC Sports for re-airing the Summer Olympics for Alzheimer’s patients and recovering coma victims. Speaking of women in bathing suits, here is Nina Agdal. I have no clue who she is, but she’s probably already dating Jeter.

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