With Leather’s Watch This: Not The Election

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I don’t mean to imply that we couldn’t watch any sports last night. For instance, I watched the Orlando Magic at the Chicago Bulls last night. But since Barack Obama had to be such a winner and whatever last night, the Bulls had to ruin that game for me, too. I mean, Joakim Noah was knocking down jumpers and Carlos Boozer looked like he had an actual pulse.

My point is that everyone was all fired up about the election last night, even though the only candidate who mattered was Kate Upton’s uncle. Oh well, at least we have some college football and NBA action tonight. And volleyball, I won’t ever exclude volleyball.

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Ohio – 8 PM ET on ESPN 2

Hooray, it’s MAC football! What are you all doing for your weekly MAC party? I have the Queen and Pope coming over, and the president of Mexico made his famous nacho dip platter, and George Clooney and Brad Pitt are going to provide play-by-play while we watch the game on mute. Hooray, MAC football! It’s the best!

*This sarcasm is brought to you by the fan of a team that had a brief stint in the MAC and that team was terrible and even lost to Buffalo, so no actual disrespect is intended, but seriously, who loses in the MAC? Aside from Buffalo.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at New Orleans Hornets – 8 PM ET on ESPN

Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers are out. Hey, at least Andrew Bynum might make strange faces for this game.

WWE: Main Event – 8 PM ET on ION

Heath Slater takes on R-Truth while Sheamus and Wade Barrett face off. I feel like I’ve written that three times now for an ION Main Event preview. Are these guys feuding a lot or something? Also, why was Smackdown! on last night? That really tripped me up.

NCAA Volleyball: Washington at Cal – 10 PM ET on ESPNU


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