With Leather’s Watch This: No More News Shows

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03.06.13 2 Comments

Our beloved and glorious forefather Matt Ufford recently broke down Dennis Rodman and his recent visit to North Korea and the asinine interview that the NBA legend gave to talking bobblehead George Snuffleupagus upon his return. It’s a great read, so read it if you haven’t already.

Rodman’s a strange dude and he’s going to do strange things. He has no business talking about politics, so if you’re a dude with a news talk show and you think that you’re going to score imaginary journalism points by asking Rodman hard-hitting questions and humiliating a 51-year old professional DJ on TV, you’re wrong. You’re an a-hole and you’re wrong.

News talk shows are horrible and they’re destroying the world by making people dumber. I have nothing else to add.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Maryland – 7 PM ET on ESPN

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Villanova – 7 PM ET on ESPN 2

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Iowa State – 7 PM ET on ESPN U

I don’t really have anything to say about these games so here is a picture of a dog on a horse, and it should be turned into a TV show.

WWE Main Event – 8 PM ET on ION

It better be an entire show devoted to the career of Paul Bearer.

NBA: Bulls at Spurs – 9 PM ET on ESPN

Now, a fun pregame show for this game would be Bill Simmons interviewing Rodman about his trip to North Korea, because I bet that Kim Jong Un loves a lot of the same 90s TV shows that Simmons always shoehorns into his writing. Hell, I bet Simmons could broker world peace just by talking about 90210. Wait. No. I mean nuclear war.

Also, nobody would be bitching about Rodman if he’d gone to North Korea with Bill Clinton. These two should do everything together.

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