With Leather's Watch This: Our Favorite Exotic Dancers Say Goodbye To Tim Tebow

By now, we all know that Tim Tebow was unceremoniously released by the New York Jets after what can best be described as one pooptastic season with the team. Tebow barely saw the field for anything other than punt protection, and the infamous New York sports media routinely gave him the business, as if he were the sole problem with the franchise.

However, lost in the debate as to whether or not the Jets made the right decision or if they did it with class that a gentleman like Tebow deserves is what truly mattered most – Tebow never claimed his free lap dance at Rick’s Cabaret. Obviously, our friends at Rick’s are quite bummed about this, but they’re still most concerned with Tebow’s future.

They are truly the most considerate women that I have ever known.

“Tim Tebow is a religious guy and doesn’t go to strip clubs,” explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Chelsea. “I never met him, but I liked him even though he didn’t do much as a Jet. He was hard working and always in great shape. It’s a shame the Jets didn’t give him much of a chance.”

“We learned how to ‘Tebow,’ ” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Ava, “But the Jets stuck with Mark Sanchez so there wasn’t much to celebrate.”

“I’m sad that he’s no longer a Jet, but he will wind up somewhere else and hopefully get to play. If he does, his new team’s fans will love him,” predicted Rick’s Cabaret Girl Amber.

Meanwhile, I bet Mark Sanchez not only gets lap dances but he’s that guy who wears bike shorts to the strip club. God speed, Tebow.

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My absolute favorite moment of the NBA Playoffs thus far was Louis CK in the background while JR Smith did his crazy dance.

Just delightful.

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