With Leather’s Watch This: A Russian Dog Really Doesn’t Want A Bath, Comrades

06.17.13 5 years ago

And here I thought that my dog acted ridiculous when I tell her it’s time for a bath. This Russian dog is not having any of this Boris or Ivan and his jibber jabber about hygiene.

At least I think this is about that dog not wanting a bath. I pray that’s what it’s about.

MLB: Cubs at Cardinals – 7 PM ET on ESPN

The Cards return home with a small lead for the best record in baseball after they dropped two of three to the Miami Marlins, owners of the worst record in baseball. Can the Cubs piggy back on that sad sack success and continue to topple the scrappiest scrappers that ever done scrapped on a scrap scrap? Tune in tonight for some classy and intelligent analysis.

College World Series

Indiana vs. Mississippi State – 8 PM ET on ESPN 2

I didn’t get to see any of the CWS results from this weekend, because I was too busy laughing at this spelling error.

Collllllllllege World Series

Stanley Cup Finals

Game 3: Blackhawks at Bruins – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

Seriously, the Stanley Cup Finals doesn’t get airtime on the main NBC network? What the hell else are they showing tonight that would even matter? Wait, it’s Monday, so it’s probably The Voice and Anthony Anderson and Wilmer Valderrama’s new sitcom, “Bros Before Hoes”, a new comedy about rival gardeners who find out they’re actually lost-at-birth fraternal twin brothers, fathered by Pauly Shore.

(Go ahead, NBC. You can have that one.)

WWE Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

The description for this episode includes “Triple H’s bid to finally compete” and I’m imagining that means he’ll spend two hours of the show auctioning himself off to other wrestlers to be a tag team partner. The winner bidder will be Triple H, because he’s his own tag team partner and he’ll go on to win the belts and put them on the line against John Cena’s title at a new PPV called “Triple H is the Best Guy Ever No. 1 Good Time Fun”.

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