With Leather’s Watch This: Someone Buy Me This Awesome Pig Couch

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02.04.13 3 Comments

You know what the only thing worse than reading the endless filler crap that every newspaper and magazine pumps out during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl is? The endless filler crap that comes out this week. I spent the better part of my day today reading people arguing about how CBS handled the 34-minute blackout during Super Bowl 47 last night. And tomorrow I plan to read people’s arguments about why Baltimore supposedly didn’t commit an offside penalty on San Francisco’s two-point conversion attempt.

I know, I can’t believe this is my life either. Anywho, now that the football season is over, our sports viewing options are limited, with only NBA, NHL, NASCAR, PGA, NCAA basketball, NCAA baseball, UFC and Bellator. Damn it, baseball! Won’t you hurry back to us?

WWE Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

With Brandon currently on one of his secret spy missions somewhere in the Ukraine, our good friend and one of the funniest people I’ve ever known, Chris Trew, is stopping by to man the ship for tonight’s WWE Raw. And I’m going to hang out as well, so you’re all going to have to explain to me everything that I’ve missed in the WWE in the last 10 years.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Colorado Avalanche – 9 PM ET on NBC Sports

I can’t tell you the name of anyone on either of these teams. Wait… Mike Modano. Does he still play? I wish I could buy Rosetta Stone software to memorize hockey player names.

NCAA Basketball: Texas at West Virginia – 9 PM ET on ESPN

Same thing as that NHL paragraph I just wrote. I really have no business writing jokes about SPROTS.

Classic AWA Wrestling – 9 PM ET on ESPN Classic

While you’re all talking about Raw, I may just watch this and comment on it in the Raw thread to throw you all off. I’m quite deceptive like that. Right, Adriana Lima?

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