With Leather's Watch This: The Evolution Of The Human Throwing Shoulder

Hey kids, ever wondered how guys like Aroldis Chapman and Matt Harvey have their awesome abilities to dominate on the mound like they do? According to George Washington University researcher Neil Roach, we’re able to throw fastballs better than our closest animals relatives, the chimpanzees, because evolution has helped humans develop the ability to store energy in our shoulders.

However, if you don’t believe in evolution, the counterargument would be that God simply prefers some athletes to others, and He also just really dislikes Jonathan Sanchez.

Now, who’s ready for some sports? Nobody? Good, because there’s jack squat on TV tonight.

CFL: Montreal at Winnipeg – 9 PM ET on NBC Sports

As with any Canadian football game, I have to ask if this is live or a repeat. I’m not sure how football works… up there.

NBA Draft Preview – 7 PM ET on ESPN

NBA Draft – 7:30 PM ET on ESPN

Why list a Draft Preview and the Draft separately? Why not just start the Draft coverage at 7 PM ET and make it easier on me? Haha, look at me complaining about anything that I can about ESPN. Anyway, here are my predictions for the first 10 picks of what is being called the worst draft since 2000 in terms of available and ready talent:

Guys who play basketball will be drafted and they may or may not end up being good NBA players for the very crappy teams that are drafting them.

Tune in tonight to see just how right I am.