With Leather’s Watch This: The UCF Knights Deserve Better Than This

Ah the joys of being a Conference USA football fan. Not only do I get to watch NFL action tonight, but also my favorite NCAA football team, thanks to the fact that nobody really gives a crap about non-BCS conference on Saturdays. And if this isn’t fun enough, my team also used to be in the MAC, which meant that we had Tuesday, Wednesday and even Friday night games. What a hoot that was.

So while I’ll be saddled up at my favorite watering hole, er, I mean in my season ticket seat at Bright House Stadium in Orlando, here are some games that you can watch tonight from the comfort of your favorite watering hole, er, I mean home.

NCAA Football: ECU Fightin’ Macho Man Randy Savages at UCF Knights – 8 PM on CBS Sports Network

I know they’re the ECU Pirates, but they would be so much cooler if they just embraced the fact that the logo at the middle of their field looks just like the Macho Man Randy Savage. Come on, ECU. Change your mascot and posthumously reward the greatest individual wrestler of all-time (with all due respect to the Bushwhackers as the greatest tag team of all-time).

Also, way to go, CUSA in roping in the CBS Sports Network for this game, considering I checked my TV listings and it’s not even showing up as tonight’s programming. Why the hell can’t UCF and ECU get an ESPN channel over this…

NCAA Football: Arkansas State at FIU – 7:30 PM ET

Seriously? Nobody’s going to watch this game! Mario Cristobal’s family and friends won’t even watch this game, because they’ll be sending him images of Rutgers with messages like “How about that offer now?” and “How stupid do you feel?” So yeah, good job CUSA, and so long.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams – 8:20 PM on the NFL Network

I gotta be honest here. I’m a little more surprised that the Rams are 2-2 than I am that the Cardinals are 4-0. But I’ll give ‘em both plenty of credit for shocking the hell out of me. Kudos to you perennial suck factories for taking a step in the right direction.

NCAA Football: USC Trojans at Utah Utes – 9 PM on ESPN

This is a game that I can respect being on ESPN tonight. Now hopefully Utah beats the crap out of Lane Kiffin.