With Leather’s Watch This: These Swedish And Danish Soccer Hooligans Are Angry

The above video of psychotic hooligans for Sweden’s GAIS and Denmark’s FC Copehagen and Helsingborg IF beating the life out of each other got me thinking about why I really don’t even like sports sometimes. I can remember the last three professional sports events that I’ve attended in person, not necessarily because of the results of those games, but because of the people around me and how they’ve contributed to making sure that I never go to live games again. In order…

1) San Francisco 49ers at the New Orleans Saints (last November) – We sat behind a group of roughly 20 49ers fans that we quickly found out were the friends and family, and most importantly the mother, of Aldon Smith. Two of the geekiest losers that I have ever laid eyes on in person – both Saints fans, but in no way a condemnation as the entire fan base that I generally admire – spent the entire game talking sh*t to Smith’s mom and female family members, despite the fact that the 49ers had the lead the entire game, and were only quiet when the men of the group stood up and turned around.  Those dorks reminded me that I hate nerdy sports fans.

2) Milwaukee Brewers at the St. Louis Cardinals (Game 3 of the 2011 NLCS) – My dad and I got to catch a game together at Busch Stadium after my grandmother’s funeral, so it was a really special game for us, especially with the Cards winning that night and going on to win the World Series. But as we left that game, quietly appreciating what it meant, a group of drunken Cardinals fans were shouting at their fellow fans that they weren’t celebrating enough. Those a-holes reminded me that even my favorite fans can be, well, a-holes.

3) Baltimore Ravens at the Miami Dolphins (2009 NFL Playoffs, Dolphins lost 27-9) – I thought the worst part of this game was sitting next to a guy in a Ray Lewis jersey who kept shouting, “THA UUUUUUUUUUU!!!” but it was actually when a fight broke out between rival gang members in the rows in front of and behind us. I’m not exaggerating. The guys behind us climbed down several rows to push through us and fight the guys in front of us. 

And the reason that I brought up these three pointless stories is because they mean absolutely nothing when you compare them to European soccer fans. Holy crap that video makes me never want to leave the house again.

(H/T to BroBible)

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