With Leather’s Watch This: Time To Watch Last Night’s ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Again

In case you missed it last night, UFC President Dana White was Tweeting like crazy about a knockout in the fight on last night’s The Ultimate Fighter on FX. Granted, he didn’t realize that he was spoiling it for the entire west coast, but in White’s defense – as you can see in the above GIF – it was f*cking awesome.

The man flashing that wheel kick was Uriah Hall, who is a member of Team (Chael) Sonnen, and the dude on the receiving end of this foot is Team (Jon) Jones’ Adam Cella. One of White’s Tweets suggested that Cella was out cold for 4 minutes, and if that’s the case, then I hope everything is kosher and dandy, but still… ouch.

For further GIF awesomeness, check out this unfortunately-too-large-to-upload GIF that features the kick from every angle. Wowzers.